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Monday, August 23, 2004

New Way to Read the Bible

There's a great article in Fuse Magazine, a wonderful, literate on-line publication that deals with faith and the arts. Robin Parrish interviews Rob Lacey, whose book The Word on the Street has just been published by Zondervan. It's a book about the Bible, but it's not a paraphrase nor is it a study guide. I haven't read it yet, but from what I gather, Mr. Lacey used his creativity to re-tell some of the biblical stories in a way that engages the reader. Not all the stories though he does apparently tie those less-interesting parts into the book somehow. It sounds fascinating. The thing that interested me the most is that he talks about storytelling and how important it was/is. He says that in our churches we tend to model ourselves more like the apostle Paul, who explained things, than Jesus who told stories (although he explained things too). The didactic approach, Lacey says, is sometimes a turn off to people in church and elsewhere, which I think is true.

That's why I like novel writing. It gives me the opportunity to tell stories. If, as Lacey says, God chooses to speak to someone through that story, I'm delighted. But I don't tell the story in order to preach. One thing I really don't like is novels where the protag suddenly begins a "sermon," whether she's in a pulpit on not! If you want to tell someone some "deep truth," write non-fiction.

In order to read the interview, you need to sign up with Fuse, but it's free and if you're at all interested in the arts, you'll enjoy the magazine immensely.