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Friday, September 17, 2004

CJR September/October 2004: Essay

This is a fairly depressing article about the state of publishing today. It came from Dave Long's Faith in Fiction site.

One of the comments made about this, however, is that the woman mentioned in this article appears to be naive. For instance, she sends her editor a six hundred page mess expecting the editor to reduce it to three hundred. Even I know that most editors don't work like that, especially ones in major markets! However, I think it isn't an accident that I read this right after I finished Anne Lamont's Bird by Bird. Anne uses the last chapter of this wonderful book to talk about why we write ... and it isn't to be published. Of course, that doesn't mean that most of us do want to be published, but it does give me at least two other outlooks to cling to every time I get another rejection: I write to glorify God. And I write for the sheer joy of it. Both, I think, make the Lord smile.

CJR September/October 2004: Essay