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Friday, September 17, 2004

Mean Christian Forums--Yikes!

There's a discussion in the comments section at The Master's Artist about Christian forums--writing and otherwise, I gather. It came about because of a short story contest one of the Christian publishing houses is sponsoring in conjunction with a magazine. Many of the stories have been published as part of a blog and the comments section allows anonymous postings. I've read some of them and they aren't nice. On the MA, people are saying that they've been in Christian forums where they were treated equally bad.

I am so surprised. For some reason, that's not anything I've ever experienced. I've been part of many on-line groups sponsored by Yahoo and every one has been filled with an overwhelming majority of people whom you could truly call Christians. Oh, sure, there's always the occasional rough character who needs to have his or her say, but in my experience that's been rare. Tops among all these groups is American Christian Romance Writers, where support and kindness reign. Maybe it's because their counterparts in the secular world of romance writing are sometimes catty and unkind? I'm not sure because I've never been involved with them, but the ACRW ladies are warm, friendly, and helpful.

My problem right now is that I'm not writing either romance or women's fiction, so their usefulness to me is somewhat diminished. But after hearing about some of these other groups, I think I'll just hang out with the nice Christian romance ladies!