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Friday, September 24, 2004

WORLDview Fiction Contest

There are some fascinating discussions going on at the short story competition sponsored jointly by Word Magazine and Westbow. If you read the comments section of "Mother's Daughter" by Bethany Lam you'll get an idea of the debate that rages within the Christian writing community these days. It boils down to this: some writers don't believe you can separate a Christian writer from an evangelistic presentation of the gospel. In other words, if he/she writes (and I'm talking about fiction), he/she must present the gospel message in some way, shape, or form. Other writers, like me, believe that a Christian writer has the freedom to express her art in whatever way she desires, without or without overt, explicity evangelism. And so the debate rages.

On an entirely different note, one of my former critique partners from ACRW has a short story posted here! Read "Telling It Like It Is" by Jennifer Keithley. She writes chick lit and does a great job!

UPDATE: Her story isn't on the site anymore because they're rotating them on a random basis. 10/7/04

WORLDview Fiction Contest