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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Short Stories

Okay, begin mini-rant:

In the world of writing, contests and places where a writer can get something published (in this case, something fictional) are largely limited to short stories. If you read through any list of contests or opportunities available, you'll find an abundance of places where the short story writer can submit his/her work. In fact, the venues available are staggering. A novelist, though, has far fewer opportunities. Of course, no one except a book publisher is interested in publishing the novelists work--that make sense. But even contests are largely geared toward short story writers.

I'm sure that's because people want what they consider to be an entire work rather than a sample, which you'd get in a novelist's work. I suppose that makes sense although, for me, I would much rather read the first chapter of a novel than a short story any day. For my taste, that's richer, more complex, more filled with possibilities than any short story. And, as you may have gathered, I don't write short stories. I never have. Nor do I find many of them appealing. Okay, yes, there are classics, I'm sure, and I've probably been impressed with them at some point. But right now, you know what? I can only think of one. Shirley Jackson's short story, which I think was called "The Prize." I'm not even sure about that.

I just wish novelists had more opportunities to display their work.

/mini-rant. :-)