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Friday, January 28, 2005

Idea for Christian Writers who Blog

Right now, there is a loose confederation of Christian writers who are either interested in or actively pursuing "revolutionary" writing within or without the CBA world. Many (though far from all) of them are listed to your right. One of the things I've noticed, though, is that we aren't organized the way some blog communities are. I am familiar, for instance, with the conservative bloggers, who have "alliances" formed in some parts of the country. Other bloggers organize around a weekly or monthly theme, i.e., The Carnival of the Vanities (where each blogger contributes one of their best articles, with URLs posted on a different site every time; The Bonfire of the Vanities (same idea, but these contain the worst articles); The Carnival of Recipes (yum), and, just recently, "Blogbursts," where everyone blogs about the same subject on a given day.

I think we ought to do something that organizes us in some way. [Boy, that sounded vague!] It might bring more attention to what we're doing and it was certainly enliven the conversation were we to go multi-blog. Anyone have an idea?