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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Infuze Magazine Article

What I Learned at the Revolution by Robin Parrish >> Infuze Magazine

Robin Parrish has the above great article on the Infuze Magazine website, taken from the 45 interviews he did during 2004 with various "forward-thinking people," as he calls them. I think you need to be registered to access the article, but it's free and well worth the ten seconds it'll take. Robin and his cohorts do great work.

I find a lot of what he's saying applicable to Christian writers (like me) who are trying to find their way in the confusing world of being a writer and also being Christian. Take, for instance, truth #8:


Here's a quote: "Regarding works that come without the "Christian" tag... The notion that we're not ever supposed to draw truths and insights from anything that was created by the rest of the world is a tragic misunderstanding of Christian proclamation, according to Michael Brewer. We often overlook the fact that Jesus picked things from secular culture to talk about nearly every time he spoke. But beyond that, a story doesn't have to be a treatise on theology in order to be an effective story with redeeming values."

This one is very close to my heart since I have come under condemnation in some quarters for writing outside the CBA. I have nothing against the CBA and CBA-writers, but the subject matter in my novel is just not gonna be something the CBA can handle--trust. me. :-)