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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Celebration of New Christian Fiction

Listed below are three of the carnival-type blog communities that now exist on-line. I am sure there are many others.

For want of a better name, I'm calling this the Celebration of New Christian Fiction. If you have a better title, please don't be shy because I'm open to changing it. I'd also changed the "New Christian Fiction" part if anyone has a suggestion.

It works like this:

(1) Once a month, every NCF writer who's interested in participating in the Celebration will send the title and permalink to an article he/she wants to share (from their blog) to the host site blogger for that month (host sites will rotate).
(2) The host site is responsible for posting all participants' links along with the title on the day of the CNCF. She can also make a brief comment if she's actually read what her fellow blogger said.
(3) On the day of the Celebration, each participant mentions it on his blog and provides a link to the host site.
(4) Each participant makes an effort to showcase the Celebration in their blog a few days before the actual date.

I think that about covers it. I'll be contacting the folks who've expressed interest and reminding people about dates and such so no one will have to keep track of what's going on except me.

I hope the idea will catch on. :-)

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