Deep POV: Confessions of a Christian Writer

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Donald Miller

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

I've never heard of Donald Miller, but the book Blue Like Jazz is familar to me. Depending on where you stand as a Christian, he'll either infuriate you or make you think. He's surely one of the best known emergent Christian writers.

Here's a quote:

Most people who love Don Miller seem to be more conventional Christians who feel cast adrift in the conservative megachurch world. "I think most of my readers are disenfranchised evangelicals," Miller says. "They've been going to church and voting Republican all their lives, but it's not working for them anymore."

"Beneath the evangelical power crust, a lot of stuff is bubbling," says Jess Bielman, the campus ministry director at Warner Pacific College, a tiny Bible school on Mount Tabor where many students read Miller. "Miller taps right into that. And sarcasm is underappreciated in the Christian world."