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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

From the Edge: Celebration of New Christian Fiction

Welcome to the first-ever blog carnival for writers of the new Christian fiction! On the third Tuesday of every month, we plan to regale you with the writings of some of the best bloggers around as we discuss issues and ideas in the postmodern, emergent world of Christian fiction.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, visit Mick Silva's blog, My Writers Group and read his article, Soup's On: Christian Fiction for Everyone for immediate insight into the issue.

The emergence of Christian fiction out of its (self-imposed?) ghetto is often likened to a similar trend in Christian music. Read the clever way Chris Well, author of Forgiving Solomon Long , brings together music and writing: The CCM/Fiction Connection, on his blog The Learning Curve.

Some Christian writers want to publish in the ABA, the CBA's big, uptown cousin, where opportunites are limited for those who don't hide their love of the Lord. However, many people suggest that before we stomp off to storm the gates of the ABA, we need to be certain we’ve produced our best work. Mary DeMuth, author of Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God, discusses this on her blog, Relevantblog. Her article Improve Your Writing in 2005 says it all. Craft, folks—it’s all about craft!

And speaking of craft, part of that process involves passion, doesn't it? Passion is a necessary component of what we do for without it I doubt we'll push ourselves to learn all that we need to learn. Read Jeanne Damoff's article, Brett the Tea Man at her blog, ElleZymn.

What’s it like to be a Christian writer working on a novel where art and faith must be balanced from page to page? Check out Valerie Comer’s blog, In My Little World and read her article, Walking the Tightrope.

How about sex? Is it something a Christian novelist, even in the new order of things, has to be concerned with? Or do we have a clearer perspective than others because we’re Christians (and I don't mean a prudish perspective either)? See Susan Kaye’s blog, wordworking , and read the article Lipstick on a Pig.

Words! They are at the heart of what we do as writers. But what responsibility do we bear as Christians who are writers (or writers who are Christians?) to these words? Read Marcia Laycock’s post, Redeeming Words in her blog, Writer-lee.

And, oh, how we struggle with those words! For a delightful take on this aspect of our lives, see Paula Moldenhauer’s poem about the writer, her words, and their "relationship." Words, from her blog GraceReign.

And finally, my own attempt to define the new/edgy/postmodern/emergent Christian fiction (which I think I'll call "pomergent" :-) with ample help from Steve Turner. The New Christian Fiction.

From the Edge: A Celebration of New Christian Fiction happens the third Tuesday of every month.