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Saturday, June 18, 2005

African-American Christian Fiction

Nashville City Paper:

I thought this was interesting in light of two things: (1) Dee Stewart made a fascinating comment on Mick Silva's post here about African-American CBA fiction; (2) I am writing about a gay man in my novel, and feel that it's an issue Christian fiction (not necessarily CBA fiction) should be exploring. [If I recall correctly, Lisa Samson has a gay man in her latest novel. I hope he's not dying of AIDS.:)] I'll have more to say about both issues, but for now, read this article. I'd love to read Murray's book!
Author Victoria Christopher Murray wasn't really conscious of operating in a new fiction genre when she began writing novels in 2000. She has now become an established best-selling writer in the area of African-American Christian fiction, which Murray said many publishing houses didn't even want to acknowledge or embrace a few short years ago. She will discuss her new book Grown Folks Business (Simon & Schuster) Saturday during a book signing at Alkebu-Lan Images Bookstore.

"I wanted to do books about real-life situations and characters, but from a spiritual perspective," Murray said.

Her latest novel explores a subject that has lately been heavily in the news, the issue of men who leave their wives for other men. But Murray's book is told from the standpoint of a devoted wife and mother that now must handle the emotional devastation of being abandoned by the man she thought she knew.