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Friday, June 03, 2005


HELP, PLEASE, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ursula stared at her reflection in the mirror, watching as the pupils of her emerald-green eyes widened with fear. Could it be true? She tossed her fiery-red hair, nostrils flaring, refusing to give way to the tears that teetered like sparkling diamonds at the corners of her large eyes--gorgeous eyes swept by incredibly long lashes. No, she wouldn't believe it. Never. She could not be one of only two writers left in what once had been a thriving, active critique group. No, no, a thousand times, no!

Okay, now that our example of bad writing is over (and we do admit that it was fun to write), perhaps we should get down to business? Although neither of us is named Ursula, we are the last two members of a once great, but now defunct fiction critique group and we're searching for a couple of new writing partners. Preferably people whose writing does not resemble the above.

Who are we? Pat lives in Southern California, and Linda is in South Africa at present. We started out writing within the framework of the CBA, but now believe that Ted Dekker got it right at Mount Hermon in 2004 when he said if the light of God is to shine through your writing, you must paint the dark with equally strong brushstrokes. We are fans of Christian writers who've chosen to write this way (most notably, Susan Howatch), but also support more CBA-focused writers like Randy Ingermanson, Brandilyn Collins, Fred Whittington, Karen Hancock et al.

Who are you? Anyone interested in joining us in this writing adventure would have to be serious about their writing, not easily offended by secular language or situations, comfortable with the whole "emergent Christian" thing, ready to classify themselves as either a Junior or Senior writer according to Randy Ingermanson's list as well as someone who would not be upset by a request for writing and critique samples. [We would, of course, provide the same for you.] We'd like to sit down for virtual tea and talk about writing, families, friends, and faith, get to know one another and see if we're a match. As "writers-who-are-Christians" rather than "Christian writers," we'll bring support, humor, strong editing and critique skills, as well as prayer support to the table.

If you're interested in becoming part of a serious, hard-working fiction crit group, if you're the kind of writer who likes hanging out at Dave Long or Mick Silva's blogs, if you agree with this statement, and if you think Lisa Samson, Jeff Berryman, Leif Enger, Ted Dekker, Marilynne Robinson, and other writers of "new" Christian fiction are cool, contact us at ploomis-at-adelphia-dot-net or lbennett-at-gmx-dot-net. Let's talk!

**And if you're into nonfiction instead of fiction, e-mail me too because I have a great person who'd like to start a nonfiction writers group (or a fiction/nonfiction mix, if that's what you do).**

Update: We have found an awesome group of writers thanks to this post! It's amazing to see the people who've come into our lives, wonderful folks with strong writing skills and the desire to refine those skills even more. Thank God for bringing such people our way! He knew just who to send!