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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Is the CBA Changing?

After I found the commentary about Andy Crouch's speech on Mark Bertrand's site, I dug a little deeper. [I don't know about you, but even using an aggregator, I find it very hard to keep up with everyone's blogs especially since some people don't use any kind of rss feed.] Anyway, I found this fascinating piece, entitled The [Same Old] New Christian Fiction :
"What interests me more than the changes in the industry are the transformations afoot among its critics. (And here, I'm going to pick up my lance and tilt at another windmill. The CBA is too large and too set in its ways to listen to anything I have to say -- and its writers and readers seem to be a tad too defensive to take any criticism without a hurumph.) Mick Silva, for example, has apparently been pressured to drop his prophetic tone and adopt a kinder, gentler view of the Christian Booksellers Association, celebrating the fact that 'Christian fiction is much more diverse and interesting than first blush would suggest.' I myself have gone from advocating nationwide bonfires to sounding an irenic note, suggesting that writers might -- if they want to, if it's how they feel God leading, if it isn't too offensive to bring up the subject -- want to model themselves on better artists, might want to ask if there is something more to do in art than entertain and evangelize. Or not. Over the past year, I've tempered my tone considerably."

If you haven't already, read the whole thing. And don't forget the Comments section!