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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Anne Rice's new book, out in November Posted by Picasa

I'm taking a moment to be thrilled by a recent comment. It was in response to this post about the book pictured above. The person making the comment was Anne Rice.

I've always considered her to be a role model worth following as she writes beautifully. I'd read many of her books and was always inspired by her use of the language. But after I became a Christian, in my wrong-headedness, I thought reading someone like Anne, who writes about vampires and witches, was forbidden. So, I threw out all her books along with Stephen King's. Now I could shoot myself! How silly of me! Did I really think the books could harm me? Apparently, I thought something, but what it was, I'm not sure. :-)

So, I am thrilled not only that she left a comment, but what she said about the books she wrote. Here's part of it:
I think it was a hunger for meaning -- the idea that even if you couldn't believe in God, there was a meaning to all this. The vampires were metaphors for the outsider, for me, for feeling damned.
Isn't that what Jesus is all about? Coming for the lost, for those who feel damned? I felt that way at one time. Maybe that's why I relate to her.

Thank you, Anne. You made my day!

This is her website.