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Monday, July 11, 2005

Wonderful Speech at CBA

Here is a link to the speech Andy Crouch delivered at CBA, which is now called ICRS. Make sure you read the whole thing!

Culture Makers | Instant Messages:
"But you are fiction writers. Perhaps one of you could introduce me to that one-legged man in Kampala. Tell me his story. Or if you can' ’t introduce me to him, introduce me to someone I never would have met, a sailor called Ishmael, an aging pastor named John Ames, a lover of poetry named Elizabeth Landis. Introduce me, if you must, to a whale. Someone or something unexpected and utterly true. Write to rescue me, rescue all of us, rescue even us Christian writers, from our addiction to our safe, sheltered, virtual stories. Rescue me from my instant messages. Deliver me out of this dream world, out of this endlessly diverting Holodeck of the self, into the real world, —the world that is so terrible and so glorious and so full of grace that only imagination can make it whole."