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Monday, November 07, 2005

Dining with the Deity

Dining with the Deity - Christianity Today Magazine:
"Whether Gregory's answers to hard questions are convincing or not, the bigger question might be: Will today's seeker be convinced by carefully packaged answers to difficult questions presented in an engaging format? The publisher is betting on it. As of September, WaterBrook had more than 210,000 copies of the book in print, its biggest printing for any book this year. Ditto for its marketing budget of $100,000, with ads in USA Today, Today's Christian, and Christianity Today. It's the type of book that many Christians will see as a way to witness to seeker friends. ('Have several on hand to give away to non-believers,' exhorts one reader on"
This is the "novel" everyone is talking about, a fictionalized account of a meeting between a man named Nick and Jesus. I put it in quotation marks because I'm not sure how much of a novel it really is seeing that it's intent is clearly to evangelize rather than entertain. I guess you can do both, but I am so conditioned now to think of a novel as not being a piece of propaganda that I automatically doubt what's been done here. Whatever it is, it's been successful, so I guess there's room for both ends of this particular continuum.