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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

NYT's Review of Anne Rice's Christ the Lord

New York Times Review--Link Below! Posted by Picasa

The family in Anne Rice's new novel has a secret. A really, really big one. These people have had a life-altering experience that they hide from their 7-year-old. When the boy raises questions - "But who were the men from the East, Mamma?" or "But what happened in Bethlehem?" - his relatives are mum.

But the boy begins to sense the truth. He notices he has unusual abilities. He can make it snow or raise the dead. He can sense the presence of angels. He also has dreams of terrible, fiery destruction and is visited by figure who calls himself the Prince of Chaos. By the end of "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt," this young boy knows that he himself is the Prince of Peace.

Christ the Lord" is written in the first person. How dare Ms. Rice appropriate the voice of young Jesus? She is best known for maudlin, histrionic vampire tales, so the innocence of a 7-year-old would not seem to come naturally. But Ms. Rice makes the transition much more easily than might be expected. And she delivers the only shock effects still available to her, after a career-length cavalcade of kinks: piety and moderation.
The review is here, but you need to be signed up to read the NYT--free and everyone should have such access otherwise how are you going to read the book reviews?

I am looking forward to reading the book! It sounds great.