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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dumb, dumb, dumb

Me, that is. I wondered where everyone had gone. Suddenly, I had no comments, none whatsoever. Had I committed some grave online faux pas that I couldn't remember? Maybe I went to someone else's blog without a hostess gift? Or stayed too long? Drank too much, uh, coffee?

Well, as it turns out, being very preoccupied these days with my three-month-old granddaughter (have I told you how utterly gorgeous she is?) and a new contract job (doing research), not to mention the normal Christmas stuff, I failed to check the moderation section of HaloScan where the comments are stored until approved by me. Which I'd set up. Of course.

So, my apologies if you commented and were greeted by stony silence! I enjoy the comments almost more than anything. I'll try to keep better track of them from now on. {Hangs head, walks away.}